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Q: Are appointments required?

Yes! Appointments are required so we can ensure you get the full shopping experience. You will have a dedicated stylist and the entire shop to yourself for a very private shopping experience!

Q: When should I shop for my dress?

We recommend shopping 10-12 months before your wedding. This allows plenty of time for your dress to arrive and



Q: Does Rosalie offer in house alterations?

 We do not offer alterations but we will provide you with local recommendations! 

Q: How much do the gowns cost?

The gowns range from $1,300-$6,000. Beaded and embellished gowns start at $2,400.

Q: What size are the sample dresses?

We have sample sizes ranging from 8-20 with the majority of the dresses being size 10 or 12. Bridal sizing varies for each designer. We have clips and panels to show you what the dress would look and feel like in your correct size!

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